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What do you think is the dirtiest thing in a restaurant, bar or coffee shop?

No it's definitely not the toilet seat in the restaurant, in-fact the dirtiest thing in the restaurant has 1000 times more germs than the toilet seat.

It's the menu card.
Menu cards have more germs than a toilet seat. In the current pandemic when taking care of your health, & social distancing has become a necessity. This germ filled menu cards are definitely something that we need to be very wary of while eating out with colleagues, friends and family.

But then how do you order food or beverages at a restaurant, bar or coffee shop without a menu card ?

It's simple though our app - Yumora.

For customers

Make Your Order Easy and Safe with Yumora

Isn't that cool, you can just go to a restaurant, bar or coffee shop & place your order without touch germs filled menu cards or touchscreen or without having to wait for a waiter to take your order or stand in a queue to make an order.

You just need to find a nice place to sit at & order your food through the app and wait for your order to be served to you.

The great part of it all, you can have your dine with great hygien and easy.

  • Discover food as per your convenience & affordability
  • Order & Payment Through Application
  • Give Reviews & Receive Cashbacks
For Businesses

Grow Your Business with Yumora

Yumora is also a great app for restaurant, bar & coffee shop owners. The ease it provides in taking order, keeping track of orders & avoidance from queue being formed in the establishment.

The app can also help you in building your own brand identity, bring new customers & help greatly in increasing your business which has been affected due to the covid19.

The app will also helps restaurant, coffee shop & bar owners keep track of all the order received & activities happening in their establishment while they are absent or away on a vacation.

Not to mention, yumora can help you in both during the pandemic & after the pandemic as well. .

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  • Add Your Menu
  • Get Orders


Want to expreience our application ?
Please check the Yumora application video.

About Team

We are Pre-Seed Stage Startup

  • Hiteshkumar Waghela (CEO) Founder
  • Hanyan Shen (CDO) Co-founder